KTH Combinatorics Seminar

Stockholm Combinatorics Seminar, KTH

The KTH Combinatorics Seminar is organized by Nima Amini , Anders Björner , Petter Brändén , and Svante Linusson . It usually takes place on Wednesdays, at 10:15 in room 3418, Dept. Mathematics (KTH). Click here  for directions.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to give a talk or propose a speaker.

Upcoming seminars (Spring 2018)

Date Speaker Title of talk
Jan. 24 Raazesh Sainudiin , Uppsala university Some distributions on finite rooted binary trees with an emphasis on the transmission process
Jan. 31 No seminar -
Feb. 7 Felipe Rincon , University of Oslo Tropical Ideals
Feb. 7 Akiyoshi Tsuchiya , Osaka University The reflexive dimension of a (0,1)-polytope
Feb. 14 Raman Sanyal , Goethe-Universität Frankfurt Gram’s relation, cone valuations, and combinatorics
Feb. 21 Patrik Norén , Uppsala University Discrete Morse theory and tropical convexity
Feb. 28 Michael Joswig , TU Berlin Matroids from hypersimplex splits
Mar. 7 No seminar -
Mar. 14 No seminar -
Mar. 21 Fiona Skerman , Uppsala University Tree automata on Galton-Watson trees
Mar. 28 Josephine Yu , Georgia Tech Chow Betti numbers of hypersimplices
Mar. 28 Akihiro Higashitani , Kyoto Sangyo University Regular unimodular triangulations of dilated empty simplices and Gröbner basis
Apr. 4 No seminar -
Apr. 11 Alex Fink , Queen Mary University of London The Tutte polynomial via lattice point enumeration
Apr. 18 No seminar -
Apr. 25 Robin Sulzgruber, KTH Jeu de taquin and insertion algorithms
May. 2 No seminar -
May. 9 Nima Amini , KTH New perspectives on the cyclic sieving phenomenon
May. 16 Gleb Nenashev , SU Triangulations of root polytopes
May. 23 Volkmar Welker , University of Marburg Discrete cubical and path homology of graphs
May. 30 Master Thesis presentation -
Jun. 6 TBD -
Jun. 13 Anders Björner , KTH and Institute Mittag Leffler -