Numerical Analysis

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The NA group is concerned with the development of numerical algorithms, their theoretical justification, and their efficient implementation on serial and parallel computers. The areas of research include multiphase and turbulent flow, computational electromagnetics, stochastic differential equations, and applications. 

There is a close cooperation with PDC , and the KTH centers KCSE , FLOW , CIAM and Swedish e-Science Research Centre, SeRC .

The NA group dates back to 1962. Germund Dahlquist, 1925-2005, was a portal figure of Numerical Analysis and the founder of the department NADA. For more information, read the general timeline of the department.

Celebration of 50 Years of Numerical Analysis and Computer Science at KTH

This year, we will have the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Department for Numerical Analysis (NADA). This occasion will be celebrated by a special event on Tuesday 17th December 2013. Details can be found in   this invitation. (pdf 35 kB) Please observe that most speeches will be in Swedish.


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