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Thank you for your stay Alicia!

Published Apr 27, 2017

Alicia Dickenstein has been a visiting professor for the last three months on a grant from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

Alicia Dickenstein is currently professor at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her research focuses on fundamental problems in algebraic geometry. The main goals of the project include both theoretical research and the application of computational algebraic geometry to make models of a number of different phenomena.

Alicia, how was your stay in Stockholm?

My stay in Stockholm was both very pleasant and very productive. I enjoyed a lot offering a graduate course, interacting with researchers both at KTH and at SU, and joining delicious Swedish fikas. Also, the staff help made my daily life very easy.

What are your plans for the near future?

My visit to KTH was a wonderful beginning of my sabbatical year 2017, which will continue attending conferences in Banff, Nice, Oberwolfach, Montreal, Atlanta, Guanajuato and Shanghai, followed by a month stay at the International Centre of Theoretical Physics in Trieste.

Will we see you at KTH again?

I very much hope so!  This was my second visit to KTH (after a visit in 2011) and I am looking forward to the following one!

Thanks Alicia and best of luck!

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