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We offer assistance concerning questions about study planning, crediting, exchange studies, choice of courses and master's programs, term and course registration and certificates.

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12.00-15.00 Monday - Thursday
12:00-13.30 Friday

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Kungliga Tekniska högskolan
Utbildningskansli SCI
Teknikringen 8, Entrance floor


Contact your Student service desk

Help with matters relating to a courses; please contact the student expedition at the institution that provides the course.

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Did you know that you as a student has a Personal menu where you can, among other things, print certificates?

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Staff at School's Office of Student Affairs SCI

Vehicle Engineering Programme

  Programme Syllabus

Engineering Physics

Programme Syllabus

Bachelor's Programme in Simulation Technology and Virtual Design

Programme Syllabus

Open Entrence

  Programme Syllabus

Programme Directors

Exchange studies, travelling KTH-students

Double Diploma / incoming exchange students

Master programmes

Student counselor for the engineering programme's 4-5th year

Aerospace Engineering/Flyg- och rymdteknik

Engineering Mechanics/Teknisk mekanik

Naval Arcitechture/Marina system

Vehicle Engineering/Fordonsteknik

Student counselor for the engineering programme's 4-5th year

Applied and Computational Mathematics/Tillämpad matematik och beräkningsmatematik

Engineering Physics/Teknisk fysik


Nuclear Energy Engineering/Kärnenergiteknik

Group Manager

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