Routine for admittance of Ph.D.-students at SCI

Forms are available at "blankettarkivet" at KTH.

All available Ph.D.-positions must be publicly advertised. Exceptions from this rules are for persons with their own financing, personal scholarships or industrial Ph.D.-students, for which the financing is already specified for a particular person. The advertisement shall be organised via KTH. The advertisement shall be done on KTH’s web link for “available positions” and links to more detailed information can be done to the departments own home-pages.

The financing of the positions, supervision and other necessary resources must be guaranteed for the entire duration towards the target exam.

Eligible candidates for a Ph.D. position are candidates who satisfy the admittance requirements for the research subject. The relevant criteria shall/should be given in the study plan for the research subject.

If candidates with non-European degree are applying, the qualifications of the applicant must be separately examined. The principal supervisor writes a statement that the candidate has sufficient background skills and competence to qualify for research studies within the specific subject. This letter shall then be enclosed with the admittance form together with certified copies of exam papers from the home university.

The candidate and supervisor fill out the admittance form (FO-DANT/FO-LANT, available for download in KTH blankettarkivet). The candidate signs the form.
Observe that if the application is towards a licentiate degree there is a special admittance form.

If a different official title than Tekn.Dr./Tekn.Lic. is desired (e.g. Phil.Dr.), this must be applied for already at admittance. This is done on a special form (FO-FORL), which is also signed by both the school dean and the director of Ph.D.-studies.

The school dean admits research students. At SCI this is delegated to the heads of departments. Thus, the admittance form is forwarded to the head of department who signs the form. All the forms are then forwarded to the PA of the Ph.D.-program into which the student is to be admitted.

The PA then forwards all the papers to Kansli SCI (Att: Kerstin Gustafsson), along with any necessary enclosures, so that FA can designate supervisors.

The first individual study plan must be created in conjunction with the admittance. This must be enclosed with the admittance form. Observe especially the rules regarding courses to be given credit for. These are courses that are completed prior to admittance to Ph.D.-studies. Credits can only be given for courses that are not part of the prerequisites requirements. As an example, a student who is admitted to Ph.D.-studies in a subject that requires a (M.Sc.) or equivalent, who has 280 hp in his/hers exam may be given credit for a maximum of 10 hp.

For more detailed information, see Antagningsordning för utbildning på forskarnivå vid KTH. Papers are to be sent via PA. Application only via papers, not e-mail.

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