Routine for individual study plans

The individual study plan shall be updated annually and that is done it is the responsibility of the head of the Ph.D.-program (PA) in which the student is enrolled. FA (SWE: forskarutbildningsansvarig) at SCI approves the study plane. The routine for establishing and updating of study plans within the school of engineering sciences (SCI) is as follows:

  1. The supervisor and the student jointly write the first study plane in conjunction with enrolment. The study plane shall then be updated at least annually. The student and the supervisor sign the study plan. The annual update shall be done in accordance to a specified routine at the department.
  2. The study plan is sent to the PA, who reviews the plan.
  3. The PA forwards to the study plan to the FA (sent to kansli SCI) who approves the plan.
  4. The approved study plan is sent back to the department for registration in LADOK. The department files the original study plan.
  5. SCI office for overseeing follow-up that all students have updated study plans twice per year.

Individual study plan for third cycle education (pdf 1.8 MB)
Goals The Higher Education Ordinance (pdf 168 kB)

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