Time plan for Licentiate exam at School of Engineering Sciences

Weeks to be counted is between January 7th - June 15th and August 15th - December 20th

Time To-do before seminar To be done by
> 10 weeks Form Advance reviewer for licentiate thesis/doctoral thesis (FO-FOGR), hand in to PA for signing, PA will send to Kansli SCI. Candidate
10 weeks The advance reviewer is appointed by the director of graduate studies (FA). The thesis should now be almost completed. Contact external lic-reviewer (2). Book the lecture hall. Send the thesis (as much of it as possible) to the opponent and examination committee so that they can start reading. Candidate
6 weeks Send the following forms to the PA for Ph.D.-program:
- Form Anmälan– Licentiatseminarium (FO-ANLI).
- Form Individuell studieplan (FO-INDS). Final version.
- Form Summering av kvalitetsgranskning (FO-SUKV).
- Via e-mail: Preliminary version of thesis.
- Study plan and quality assurance forms are controlled and signed by head of the Ph.D.-program (PA).
- PA forwards all enclosures to SCI Offices.
Head of Department
> 5 weeks All forms submitted to the SCI Offices. PA
4 weeks External lic-reviewer and examiner assigned. Department and external lic-reviewer notified. The thesis is now being printed.
An electronic version of the thesis is, according to the President’s decision, published in the KTH publication database DiVA at the time of exhibition.
Dir. Post-grad studies
3 weeks - The thesis shall now be distributed according the list specified in form Distributionslista för Licentiatavhandlingar. It's delegated to the head of the instituion to sign the distribution list. The list is then sent to the SCI Offices.
- Departments and the KTH-calendar are informed about the defence.
SCI Offices
0 weeks Oral defence  

(1) Thesis pre-review
The advance reviewer should be at least docent or have equivalent skills. The advance reviewer must be sufficiently competent in the subject area of the licentiate thesis/dissertation in order to assess whether this is ready for final examination. The advance reviewer cannot be any of the supervisors.. The reviewer should sign the form Summering av kvalitetsgranskning.

(2) Lic-reviewer
Contact the person suggested to be external lic-reviewer. If you are unsure about anything in this process, contact the Director for Ph.D.-studies before you contact anyone to ensure that your suggestions comply with the rules and regulations. In short, the rules are;
The person must have a Ph.D. and being competent in the specific subject. This is normally a professor, lecturer or similar from another university in Sweden or abroad. Try to avoid using a lic-reviewer that works at KTH.

Do observe specifically rules regarding objectivity and impartiality.

To be done after seminar To be done by
Form Protokoll (KTHFIL) sent to SCI Offices Supervisor
Courses registered in Ladok (rutin FP21). Department
Passed thesis registered in Ladok. SCI Offices
Form Ansökan om licentiatexamen (KTHFAL) sent to SCI Offices. Candidate
If a different formal title is requested, e.g. Phil.Dr. rather than Tekn.Dr., one must apply for this using the a special form (FO-FORL).  
After decision of exam, SCI Offices forwards application for to CA-UFA who then issues the exam. SCI Offices
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