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Application for Dahlquist Research Fellowship


The next call will open soon with an application deadline in January 2021.

A link to the recruitment add will be added here when application opens

The application must include the information listed below and use at least 11pt font size. The applicant should have a PhD obtained no at most five years prior to the deadline of the application.

If the applicant has been on leave of absence during these last five years, for e.g. parental leave or military service, this time can be extended. In this case, details and documentation regarding the leave of absence must be given in the application.

Part 1: Personal data and contact information

1.1 Name

1.2 Date of birth

1.3 Male/Female

1.4 Home address and telephone number

1.5 Contact address, telephone, e-mail address.

Part 2: Education, employment and references

2.1. Academic degrees including year of graduation (M.Sc., Ph.D., etc.).
  Enclose copies of your transcripts or diplomas.

2.2. Title of your PhD thesis

2.3. Name and email of your thesis advisor

2.4. Present position including an exact job title and date employment started

2.5. Previous employments (indicate periods when on leave)

2.6. Names and contact information of three individuals, that will provide letters of reference (the letters must be sent directly by them via e-mail, not later than 5 working days after the application deadline, to: ).

Part 3: Scientific achievements and planned research

3.1. Brief account of your own research profile (maximum 1.5 page)

3.2. Brief account of planned research effort (maximum 2.5 page)

3.3. Publications

  3.3.1. Papers published in international journals (with peer-review)

  3.3.2. Peer-reviewed conference proceedings and book chapters

  3.3.3. Papers currently under review, technical reports not published elsewhere
  and other publications.

  3.3.4. List of selected publications (maximum 5), which the applicant considers
  representative for his/her research profile together with a brief account to
  why this selection was made. Enclose these papers as pdf-files.

3.4. Active participation in national and international conferences. Indicate types of
  activity – invited speaker, speaker, chairman, member of organizing committee etc.

3.5. Other relevant information. List important facts that has not been covered above.
  This can include, but is not limited to, national or international awards, fellowships,
  grants (indicate principal investigator), review assignments etc.


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