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Joint Polish-Swedish-Ukrainian Reports

Reports No 14 to 18 were printed within the Swedish - Polish - Ukrainian Research Co-operation

Report no. 14 Proceedings of a Polish-Swedish-Ukrainian seminar, Lviv Ukraine, October 26-28, 2006. Research and application of new technologies in wastewater treatment and municipal solid waste disposal in Ukraine, Sweden and Poland, E. Plaza, E. Levlin (Editors) TRITA-LWR.REPORT 3023, ISSN 1650-8610, ISRN KTH/LWR/REPORT 3023-SE, ISBN 978-91-7415-411-5, 2009

  • R. Tomczak-Wandzel, K. Medrzycka and I. Petrushka The utilization of structural material for treatment of sludge from food industry wastewater JPSU14p1.pdf (pdf 220 kB)
  • J. Suschka B. Mrowiec and L. Przywara Excess activated sludge quantity minimization. JPSU14p9.pdf (pdf 159 kB)
  • Y. Sakhnevych, M. Malovanyy and V. Djachok Studying of optimal parameters of exploiting ultrafiitrating systems during waste water treatment JPSU14p17.pdf (pdf 131 kB)
  • A. Flaga and J. Schnotale Sewage sludge thermal drying and hygienization in a closed loop energy recovering system JPSU14p25.pdf (pdf 208 kB)
  • E. Plaza, J. Trela and B. Hultman Swedish experience with deammonification process in biofilm system JPSU14p31.pdf (pdf 142 kB)
  • J. Jatchyshyn and M. Malyovanyy Methods of multicomponent water-salt systems sludge pits utilization by methods of receiving of valuable components from them (on the example of Stebnik's sludge pit) JPSU14p41.pdf (pdf 78 kB)
  • J. Mikosz Computer simulation as a tool for limiting the impact of wastewater system on environment JPSU14p45.pdf (pdf 138 kB)
  • S. Zabczynsk, N. Malyk, A. Raszka and J. Surmacz-Górska Removal of the high ammonia nitrogen concentration at the different sludge ages in the membrane bioreactor JPSU14p53.pdf (pdf 155 kB)
  • I.M. Petrushka, O.V. Stockaluk, M.S. Malovanyy and Y.M. Zakharko The modelling of chromatographic extraction of certain organic dissolvents in the process of wastewater purification with multicomponent pollution JPSU14p59.pdf (pdf 207 kB)
  • M. Malyovanyy and O. Popovish Utilization of pigment titanium (IV) oxide iron-containing industrial wast JPSU14p65.pdf (pdf 173 kB)
  • T. Stypka and A. Flaga Application of the Integrated Waste Management Model (IWM-1) into the Decision Process JPSU14p73.pdf (pdf 85 kB)
  • V. Sabadash, J. Gumnitsky, O. Nagursku and O. Ljuta Application of encapsulated fertilizers for the ecological safety of agrosustems JPSU14p85.pdf (pdf 359 kB)
  • A. Voytsikhovska, M. Malyovanyy and O. Golodovska Evaluation of an ecological condition of components of an environment in an orb of influence of polygons rigid household and industrial wastes of the Lvov area JPSU14p93.pdf (pdf 22 kB)

Report no. 15 Proceedings of a Polish-Swedish-Ukrainian seminar, Ustron, Poland, November 23 – 24, 2007. Research and application of new technologies in wastewater treatment and municipal solid waste disposal in Ukraine, Sweden and Poland, E. Plaza, E. Levlin (Editors) TRITA-LWR.REPORT 3024, ISSN 1650-8610, ISRN KTH/LWR/REPORT 3024-SE, ISBN 978-91-7415-412-2, 2010

  • E. Plaza and J. Trela Present and future directions in Swedish research on wastewater handling JPSU15p1.pdf (pdf 160 kB)
  • A. Makuch, K. Medrzycka and E. Plaza Investigation of sulphonamides effect on ANAMMOX process JPSU15p9.pdf (pdf 205 kB)
  • K. Medrzycka, A. Makuch and R. Tomczak-Wandzel Disturbances of biological N-removal processes in the presence of sulphonamides JPSU15p21.pdf (pdf 192 kB)
  • B. Mrowiec and J. Suschka The impact of aromatic hydrocarbons (BTX's) on sewage quality treated by the biological method JPSU15p33.pdf (pdf 162 kB)
  • L. Przywara and M. Kuglarz The application of oil emulsion for removal of sulphate JPSU15p43.pdf (pdf 118 kB)
  • E. Levlin Conductivity measurements for controlling municipal waste-water treatment JPSU15p51.pdf (pdf 158 kB)
  • Z. Mucha and J. Mikosz Analysis of unit pollution loads for small wastewater treatment plants JPSU15p63.pdf (pdf 266 kB)
  • Y. Yatchyshyn and M. Malovanyy Processing of liquid industrial waste from the potassium production JPSU15p67.pdf (pdf 313 kB)
  • J. Suschka Different approach to anaerobic sewage treatment processes JPSU15p71.pdf (pdf 35 kB)
  • S. M. Rybicki Selected impact of enhanced phosphorus removal on wastewater sludge processing JPSU15p77.pdf (pdf 192 kB)
  • I. Petrushka, R. Petrus, M. Malovanyy, M. Petrova and G. Leskiv Identification of the experimental data of dye adsorption on natural dispersed sorbents to theoretical models   JPSU15p85.pdf (pdf 148 kB)
  • M. Petrova and I. Petrushka Sorption removal of Cs and Sr from radioactive wastewater by modified bentonite clay JPSU15p93.pdf (pdf 149 kB)

Report no. 16 Proceedings of a Polish-Swedish-Ukrainian seminar, Stockholm, Sweden, September 23 – 25, 2009. Research and application of new technologies in wastewater treatment and municipal solid waste disposal in Ukraine, Sweden and Poland, E. Plaza, E. Levlin (Editors) TRITA-LWR.REPORT 3026, ISSN 1650-8610, ISRN KTH/LWR/REPORT 3026-SE, ISBN 978-91-7415-523-5, 2010

  • B. Hultman and E. Plaza Wastewater treatment - new challenges. JPSU16p1.pdf (pdf 113 kB)
  • B. Mrowiec and J. Suschka Anaerobic wastewater treatment process. JPSU16p13.pdf (pdf 218 kB)
  • M. Malovanyy, I. Petrushka and A. Malovanyy Organic solvents removal from wastewaters with a methods of adsorption and selective adsorption (liquid chromotography). JPSU16p21.pdf (pdf 171 kB)
  • J. Wiszniowski, A. Ziembinska and S. Ciesielski Membrane biological reactor (MBR) for treatment of wastewater contaminated by petroleum organic compounds. JPSU16p27.pdf (pdf 315 kB)
  • A. Malovanyy, E. Plaza and J. Trela Evaluation of factors influencing specific Anammox activity (SAA) using surface modelling. JPSU16p35.pdf (pdf 235 kB)
  • A. Sochacki, J. Knodel, S.-U. Geißen, V. Zambarda, G. Bertanza and L. Plonka Modelling and simulation of a municipal WWTP with limited operational data. JPSU16p47.pdf (pdf 235 kB)
  • Z. Kazmierczak, L. Plonka, A. Sochacki and J. Surmacz-Gorska Use of Hydrolyzed Primary Sludge as Carbon Source for Denitrification. A Case Study. JPSU16p57.pdf (pdf 286 kB)
  • M. Cimochowicz-Rybicka Disintegration of fermented sewage sludge - potential gains. JPSU16p65.pdf (pdf 338 kB)
  • R. Tomczak-Wandzel, A. Dereszewska, S. Cytawa and K. Medrzycka The effect of surfactants on activated sludge process. JPSU16p73.pdf (pdf 423 kB)
  • L. Przywara and J. Suschka Possibilities of sludge from the edible oils production utilization. JPSU16p81.pdf (pdf 165 kB)
  • M. Malovanyy, Y. Yatchyshyn, L. Dyedyk, Y. Sakhnevych and I. Petrenko Utilisation of sludge from treatment of wastewaters coming from yeast production. JPSU16p89.pdf (pdf 179 kB)
  • E. Levlin Maximazing sludge and biogas production for counteracting global warming. JPSU16p95.pdf (pdf 164 kB)
  • J. Mikosz Effect of biomass characteristics in computer simulation of BNR process. JPSU16p105.pdf (pdf 253 kB)
  • A. Makuch, K. Medrzycka and E. Plaza The effect of sulphonamides on activated sludge dehydrogenase activity. JPSU16p113.pdf (pdf 322 kB)
  • K. Derejko, M. Malovanyy, V. Dyachok, Y. Sakhnevych and S. Marachovska Food industry wastewater treatment. JPSU16p123.pdf (pdf 203 kB)
  • L. Flyborg, B. Björlenius and K. M Persson The Possibilities of Water Reuse as a Potable Water Resource - A study of Nanofiltration in Combination with Ozonation. JPSU16p131.pdf (pdf 322 kB)
  • H.M. Kalibbala and E. Plaza Impact of anthropogenic activities and climate change on raw water quality in Uganda - Case of River Nabajjuzi Watershed. JPSU16p141.pdf (pdf 113 kB)
  • O. Popovych, M. Malovanyy, A. Malovanyy and E. Plaza Hrybovychi municipal solid waste landfill reclamation and coherent pollution prevention in holistic approach. JPSU16p149.pdf (pdf 149 kB)
  • T. Stypka and A. Flaga-Maryanczyk Selecting optimal regional MSW system for Krakow area. JPSU16p157.pdf (pdf 450 kB)
    - part 1: Developing performance indicators.
    - part 2: Use of AHP multicriteria method for the final decision making.
  • M. Kuglarz and B. Mrowiec Co - digestion of municipal biowaste and sewage sludge for biogas production. JPSU16p177.pdf (pdf 194 kB)

Report no. 17 Proceedings of a Polish-Swedish-Ukrainian seminar, Krakow Poland, October 17-19, 2011. Research and application of new technologies in wastewater treatment and municipal solid waste disposal in Ukraine, Sweden and Poland, E. Plaza, E. Levlin (Editors) TRITA-LWR.REPORT 3031, ISSN 1650-8610, ISRN KTH/LWR/REPORT 3031-SE, ISBN ???, 2013

  • T. Stypka Municipal solid waste management models: present situation and future trends. JPSU17P1.pdf (pdf 201 kB)
  • B. Mrowiec, M. Kuglarz and J. Suschka Removal of selected organic pollutants in anaerobic wastewater treatment process. JPSU17P2.pdf (pdf 165 kB)
  • R. Tomczak-Wandzel, J. Górniaczyk and K. Medrzycka Anaerobic treatment of distillery wastewater. JPSU17P3.pdf (pdf 360 kB)
  • M. Kuglarz, B. Mrowiec and J. Bohdziewicz Influence of kitchen biowaste addition on the effectiveness of animal manure digestion in continuous condition. JPSU17P4.pdf (pdf 207 kB)
  • L. Przywara, B. Mrowiec and J. Suschka Anaerobic treatment of municipal sewage in the psychrophilic conditions. JPSU17P5.pdf (pdf 115 kB)
  • E. Levlin, L. Bengtsson and C. Baresel Extended sludge retention process with sludge recirculation for increasing biogas production at anaerobic digestion. JPSU17P6.pdf (pdf 319 kB)
  • A. Malovanyy, E. Plaza, Y. Yatchyshyn, J. Trela and M. Malovanyy Removal of nitrogen from the main stream of municipal wastewater treatment plant with combination of Ion Exchange and CANON process (IE-CANON) - effect of NaCl concentration. JPSU17P7.pdf (pdf 324 kB)
  • J. Yang, J. Trela and E. Plaza Influence of aeration strategy on behaviour of different microorganisms in deammonification process. JPSU17P8.pdf (pdf 441 kB)
  • A.Tamazashvili and M.Gomelya Effect of water characteristics, method of cation exchange resins modification with ferrous compounds on the efficiency of dissolved oxygen removal. JPSU17P9.pdf (pdf 178 kB)
  • T. Shabliy, E. Goltvianytskaya and N. Gomelya Electrochemical processing of regeneration solutions from ion-exchange treatment of water with production of acids and alkalis. JPSU17P10.pdf (pdf 305 kB)
  • V. Rysuhin, T. Shabliy and M. Gomelya Sulphates and water hardness ions removal from the water in the demineralization process. JPSU17P11.pdf (pdf 169 kB)
  • A. Sochacki, J. Surmacz-Górska and K. Szafnicki Start-up performance of constructed wetland microcosms for electroplating wastewater polishing. JPSU17P12.pdf (pdf 378 kB)
  • G. Besciak and J. Surmacz-Górska Biofilm as a basic life form of bacteria. JPSU17P13.pdf (pdf 212 kB)
  • Z. Mucha, J. Mikosz and A. Generowicz A method for sustainability evaluation of small wastewater treatment systems. JPSU17P14.pdf (pdf 220 kB)
  • J. Mikosz Simulating the effects of introduction of membrane filtration at a municipal BNR plant. JPSU17P15.pdf (pdf 201 kB)
  • I. E. Klosowska-Chomiczewska, K. Medrzycka and E. Karpenko Biosurfactants - Biodegradability, toxicity, efficiency in comparison with synthetic surfactants. JPSU17P16.pdf (pdf 278 kB)
  • M. Polus and R. Kocwa-Haluch Identification of cryptosporidium sp. oocysts in water by modified immunomagnetic separation and RFLP-PCR. JPSU17P17.pdf (pdf 472 kB)
  • Y. Vystavna, Y. Vergeles and F. Stolberg Study of pharmaceuticals in a model urban river as potential molecular markers of wastewater effluents, their sources and socio-economic correlates (the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine). JPSU17P18.pdf (pdf 105 kB)
  • M. D. Gomelya and I. V Radovenchyk The research of activated sludge dewatering processes. JPSU17P19.pdf (pdf 378 kB)
  • E. Hallmann, R. Tomczak-Wandzel and K. Mdrzycka Fate of LAS surfactants in WWTPs based on measured concentrations in wastewater and sludge. JPSU17P20.pdf (pdf 254 kB)
  • J. Gumnitsky, V. Sabadash, G. Tyzrbir and O. Matsuska. Complex water treatment of agroindustrial complexes before wastewaters discharge into basins of rivers. JPSU17P21.pdf (pdf 282 kB)
  • M. Malovanyy, V. Starchevskyy, N. Vronska and I. Koval Integrated adsorption and ultrasonic technology for water treatment processes. JPSU17P22.pdf (pdf 330 kB)
  • S. Huhlych and M. Malovanyy Theoretical and practical aspects of landfill leachate treatment. JPSU17P23.pdf (pdf 385 kB)
  • R. Sultana and P. Bhattacharya Evaluation of ground water chemistry in shallow aquifier system (dugwells). JPSU17P24.pdf (pdf 285 kB)
  • W. Styka and P. Benko Experience in nitrogen removal - The case study of the Kujawy WWTP, Kraków. JPSU17P25.pdf (pdf 344 kB)
  • S.M. Rybicki and M. Cimochowicz-Rybicka Selected effects of anaerobic sludge composition on a biogas production. JPSU17P26.pdf (pdf 111 kB)

Report no. 18 Proceedings of a Polish-Swedish-Ukrainian seminar, Yalta Ukraine, May 7-10, 2012. Research and application of new technologies in wastewater treatment and municipal solid waste disposal in Ukraine, Sweden and Poland, E. Plaza, E. Levlin (Editors) TRITA-LWR.REPORT 3041, ISSN 1650-8610, ISRN KTH/LWR/REPORT 3041-SE, ISBN ???, 2013

  • A. Tamazashvili and M. Gomelya Removal of dissolved oxygen from water using the sulphite form anion exchange resin. JPSU18P1.pdf (pdf 124 kB)
  • R. Tomczak-Wandzel and E. Levlin Biogas production from fish wastes in co-digestion with sewage sludge. JPSU18P2.pdf (pdf 345 kB)
  • M. Malovanyy, N. Vronska and H. Sakalova On the use of natural sorbents for removal of microbial contaminants from water solutions. JPSU18P3.pdf (pdf 142 kB)
  • A. Wegrzyn and K. Miksch Competitive interactions among bacteria in bioaugmented activated sludge during oil-containing wastewater degradation. JPSU18P4.pdf (pdf 266 kB)
  • A. Ziembinska, A. Karlo, G. Cema and S. Zabczynski PCR-DGGE as a useful method for bacterial diversity monitoring in coke wastewater treatment. JPSU18P5.pdf (pdf 212 kB)
  • O. Khandogina and M. Zhylina Studying of carbonization process for adsorbent production from natural materials. JPSU18P6.pdf (pdf 115 kB)
  • Y. Vystavna, Y. Vergeles, E. Sergeeva and F. Stolberg Phenolic endocrine disrupting compounds in urban rivers: monitoring and application as wastewater tracers. JPSU18P7.pdf (pdf 348 kB)
  • I.E. Klosowska-Chomiczewska, E. Hallmann, K. Medrzycka and E. Karpenko Environmental consequences of emulsifying properties of biosurfactant produced by pseudomonas sp. JPSU18P8.pdf (pdf 479 kB)
  • V. Barannik and A. Zherlitsyn Dynamic model of nutrients withdrawal at the open ponds for phytoplancton biomass production. JPSU18P9.pdf (pdf 160 kB)
  • B. Mrowiec, L. Przywara and M. Kuglarz Anoxic and anaerobic wastewater treatment in presence of aromatic hydrocarbons. JPSU18P10.pdf (pdf 138 kB)
  • L. Przywara, B. Mrowiec and J. Suschka, Municipal sewage treatment in upflow anaerobic filter. JPSU18P11.pdf (pdf 99 kB)
  • M. Cimochowicz-Rybicka Minimization of sewage sludge production – European trends and selected technologies. JPSU18P12.pdf (pdf 308 kB)
  • M. Malovanyy, Y. Malyk and N. Holec Strategy for complex environment protection from influence of landfills of municipal solid waste landfills. JPSU18P13.pdf (pdf 114 kB)
  • T. Stypka, A. Flaga-Maryanczyk and J. Schnotale Combining ecolabeling and multi criteria method to make an environmentally sound equipment purchasing decision. JPSU18P14.pdf (pdf 551 kB)
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