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Passenger tax on flights a first step

Strong international instruments the best solution to achieve reduced GHG emissions from aviation

Published Feb 27, 2017

To reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from aviation, powerful international instruments are required. Sweden and other countries need to take the lead in advocating a quick introduction of such instruments. Meanwhile, a passenger tax can be a first step towards reduced GHG emissions from Swedish aviation. This tax needs to include international flights, which comprise over 90 percent of the climate effect caused by the air travel of Swedes. The tax should be introduced quickly and be aimed at achieving significant reductions in GHG emissions. Together with three researchers from Chalmers, KTH Research Leader Jonas Åkerman, Professor Göran Finnveden and Professor Mattias Höjer develop their position in an opinion piece in the journal Dagens Samhälle.

Dagens Samhälle 27 February 2017 (in Swedish)

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