Centre for Technology in Medicine and Health, CTMH

The Center for Technology in Medicine and Health, CTMH, is a collaboration between Karolinska Institute (KI), The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm County Council (SLL). Its mission is to contribute to the development of Stockholm as a world-class medical technology cluster.

CTMH's vision is the realization of the potential that KI, KTH and SLL together amass: to create and constitute a medical technology R&D environment unique in Sweden and among the world's top five.

As a Portal, CTMH organizes activites and creates arenas that stimulate and develop interactions between the industry, the universities and the health care systems in the boundaries Technology | Health and Research | Applications.

CTMH constitutes a forum and driving force to obtain better usage of the resources in the intersection between medical and technological knowledge, with applications for improvements of human health through three spheres of activity:

PORTAL: to establish networks and collaborations between universities, the industry and the health care system.

RESEARCH & EDUCATION: to initiate, create an interest for and contribute to research and education in the field of technology / medicine / health.

SPINN-OFF: to contribute to processes that facilitate the creation of new products, services and companies.

CTMH is an invitation to KI's, KTH's and SLL's researchers and students with implementations in the health care system and medical technologies; an invitation to the industry with an interest in these researchers and an invitation to representatives of the health care system with an interest in the interaction between research and industry within the field of medical technologies.

More information on www.ctmh.se

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