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Spring semester 2021: teaching, examination and study abroad

Here is information that you as a student need to know about the spring semester 2021 in regards to COVID-19.

KTH follows the recommendations given by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish government in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The President of KTH has made new decisions regarding the spring semester 2021, these decisions will replace the previous information. Changes may be done as a result of new recommendations by the government and other authorities.

  • Teaching at KTH does not fall under the Public Order Act regarding gatherings and public events. However, KTH takes the government’s recommendations into consideration as much as possible.
  • Teaching will mostly be conducted digitally for all years, some elements will be on campus.
  • Exams will be conducted both digitally and on campus. Written sit-down exams or supervised digital examination (Zoom) will only be conducted if it can be motivated by the intended learning outcomes as well as the number of students.
  • Lectures and exams on campus will be adapted in order to follow the Public Health Agency’s recommendations.
  • KTH’s campuses will be open with some regulations, mainly regarding opening hours and accessibility.
  • Exchange studies during spring 2021 will be suspended.

Lectures and teaching

Lectures will mainly be held remotely, for all years. Practical elements or elements where interaction between teachers and students or between students is essential will be conducted on campus. This to ensure the quality of the education and to uphold the programme objectives. Teaching conducted on campus will be adapted according to the Public Health Agency’s recommendations.

Due to the extensive changes in teaching and examinations, it is essential that teachers receive the students’ feedback. The best way to give feedback is through attending the course evaluation for each course. Ask your teacher for more information.

If a student has tested positive for COVID-19

KTH has, in consultation with Smittskydd Stockholm, developed recommendations regarding how to adapt in the event of infection. If a student who has participated in campus-based teaching has tested positive for COVID-19, all courses that the student is registered on will revert to 100 % distance-based teaching for a period of two weeks. If there are laboratory or practical exercises planned within the course during this period, they will resume after these two weeks.

When will I receive information about my courses?

The examiners will notify you on Canvas or in course memo by the start of the course. If you have any queries regarding your course beforehand please turn to your examiners.


Exams will be conducted both remotely and on campus. Other forms of examination should primarily be used, and written sit-down exams or supervised digital examination (Zoom) will only be conducted if it can be motivated by the intended learning outcomes as well as the number of students. Exams that are conducted on campus will be “corona adapted” and in accordance with the Public Health Agency’s recommendations. This means that there will be:

  • A maximum of 50 students in the examination hall, usually there will be fewer students. Students will be seated with a distance from each other.
  • Access to hand sanitizer.
  • Organised in and out passing in order to ensure distance between people.
  • Invigilators will sit behind Plexiglas and wear visors.
  • Teachers will be outside the exam hall in order to answer questions from students. 

Examination during the academic year 2020/2021

KTH has decided that courses that have had written sit-down exams on campus during the academic year 2020/2021 will have one extra examination opportunity during the spring semester.

Extra examination opportunities during the academic year 2020/2021

Studies abroad 

In light of the current global situation with the coronavirus and the current situation in Stockholm, KTH's management has decided to suspend exchange studies and other forms of studies abroad, like internships and degree projects abroad, during the spring semester 2021.

KTH has made this decision with the student’s safety as the main priority. The situation is currently extremely unsecure, changing, and uncertain, both inside and outside of Europe. An exchange is a fantastic opportunity and we do understand that many of you are disappointed that exchange studies are cancelled.


KTH students will not be able to travel abroad within the framework of their education during the spring semester 2021.

Students whose studies abroad (exchange studies, degree project, internship) has been canceled will be given a place at a KTH programme to continue their studies. This especially applies to students who planned to complete their degree projects abroad, in these cases supervisors must be provided for the students. If it is possible to conduct the exchange studies or receive supervision of a degree project remotely, this can be done if it is approved by the programme manager at KTH. No MFS opportunities will be given during the spring semester 2021.


KTH will not receive any incoming exchange students or other forms of students during the spring semester 2021.

These groups will not be affected by the decision

  • Exchange: outgoing and incoming students who are on exchange during the entire academic year 2020/2021 are not affected, they can complete their exchange if they choose to do so.
  • Degree project / internship: outgoing students who are already abroad and incoming students who are already at KTH are not affected, they can complete. Students who have the opportunity to do a degree project in the country for their citizenship, if other than Sweden, or at their home university (applies to double diploma students) can do so provided that the degree project meets KTH's requirements.
  • Programme students in joint programs with built-in compulsory mobility (eg EIT, N5T, Erasmus Mundus, etc.) can complete the compulsory mobility.

If you as a student want, and have, the opportunity to go on exchange studies during the academic year 2021/2022, you must make a new application for exchange studies in the application round that opens on November 25 and closes on December 15, 2020. No exchanges will be moved to the autumn semester 2021. A distribution of the exchange spots are made according to the regular selection rules.

If you have any questions, contact your international coordinator.

International coordinators

Doctoral students

For doctoral students at KTH, the same rules apply as for employees. Incoming doctoral students, so-called visiting PhD for a shorter period, are affected by the decision.

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