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Certification of documents

All documents submitted to the KTH must either be original documents or certified copies of original documents. An original document must carry on it the original stamps and signatures of the issuing authority.

Guidelines for certifying documents

When originals are not available and copies of originals are submitted, it is essential that the person certifying the copy has sighted the original. The name of the person certifying and contact information must be presented and appear on each page of the copy.

Documents may also be certified by the issuing institution, a Swedish diplomatic post, or a notary public.

An authorized translator must use the agency stamp and sign and print their name on each page when certifying a copy.

Translations are required for all documents in languages other than English, German, French, Spanish or the Nordic languages which are submitted with an application. Translations can only be made by an official translator registered with a government body or by those agents who have been designated as translators (i. e. authorized).

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