It starts with you – Career opportunities at Scania

”We´re innovating new ways to move. Find out how you can reboot transport with us."

Time: Tue 2020-02-04 12.15 - 13.00

Lecturer: Scania

Location: Sal C36, Södertälje

The world of mobility is changing. Today, thousands of Scania Engineers, computer scientists and data scientists are creating new ways to move the world forward.

Take the chance to participate at this lecture and get to interact with some Scania employees who will share their experiences regarding following areas:

  • The journey as a student into start working
  • Opportunities at Scania
  • What is important to think about during your studies to become as successful as possible in your working carrier?
  • A typical working day at Scania.

Every persons journey is unique and during the seminar you will get information about some of the ways to join Scania, such as Scania Global Champion Trainee Program, Scania Engineer Program, Summerjobb, Scania Internship Production and Thesis Work.

”Where is the future of transport really taking us?" Watch our film and find out. 

Hope to see you at the 27th of November!