Career coaching

After a long education, it is often difficult to know what you really want to work with, what you are suitable for and what you wish for your upcoming professional life. Career coaching can help you plan and achieve your goals.

Target group
Career coaching is primarly for students that is on their final years at KTH. If there is time, we can also make an appointment with students in their first years. 

The purpose of coaching is to prepare for the transition from student life to professional life. Perhaps you have been wondering what your studies should actually lead up to, what you want, how you come in contact with an employer or how to get started in your job search. You will get support on how to prepare for working life, to set up goals and how to reach them. You can investigate and verbalise your skills and abilities, work with motivation, self-esteem and strategies for job searching.

Number of sessions
You are offered two sessions and you register your interest by filling in a form. Seats are limited and we accept your application through how you motivate your participation. Waiting time can occur and you will be placed in queue through the principle "first come first served"