Seeking a job

These following pages will help you write your CV, cover letter and prepare yourself before a job interview. There are also several pages with seeking-job-tips, a list with searching for job links and ads directed to KTH Students.

Prepare yourself for the recruitment process


Cover letter

Job interview


How do I find a job?

The confederation of Swedish Enterprise has done a survey (2018) among its members that shows that the companies in Sweden are using informal contacts when they are recruiting (66 %). Big companies are using social media to a greater extent than smaller companies. Social media includes digital platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 31 % of the companies has tried to recruit threw recruitment and staffing agencies.

Something that is new for this year’s survey is the question: How are you planning on recruiting the coming three year´s? 63 % of the companies answered that they plan to recruit threw their own network or other channels. So, it is a very good idea to be good to the contacts you make during Career fairs and in other situations. One advice is to join the KTH Alumni network  at LinkedIn. Other good websites to use when searching for a job do you find on our website with the title Find jobs . KTH also have a platform for advertisement for different job positions. You find it here: KTH Degree portal