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KTH’s latest career follow-up from 2018 showed that 23 % per cent got their first job through their network. On this website, you will get tips on how you can identify your current network and how to expand it during your studies. We also present a guide on how to use LinkedIn in an effective way.

How do I begin?

A good start is to identify your current network. The following exercise will help you will help you to map the people you know, and the people they know: My network The exercise is located under Step 1. 

After mapping your current network, we need to start looking at how you can expand it. First, you need to update your LinkedIn page. The following guide requires that you already have a profile on LinkedIn.

Profile strength x Network outreach = Top candidate

Two starting points for success on LinkedIn:

  • Become a person whom others want to contact
  • Become a person with creative and interesting content on your profile

Guide for LinkedIn

Expand your network

A good starting point for expanding your network is to join KTH´s own alumni network on LinkedIn.

There you can get in contact with alumni from different programmes at KTH. Interviewing an alumnus may give you inspiration and prepare you for what to expect after graduating from KTH. Do the following exercise to learn more about your upcoming professional life: Professional life  The exercise is located under Step 3.  

Every year, the student union at KTH, THS, arranges a number of different career fairs/days.  On these events, you will get the opportunity to meet companies and the people working there. Before these events, prepare yourself by making ready an ”Elevator pitch”. This exercise will help you when presenting yourself to the companies: My network The exercise is located under Step 3. 

Do not forget to make contact on LinkedIn with new people you meet during different company events. Even though there are no openings in the company today, the opportunity can present itself in the future.