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Contract and salary

When you are offered a job, you should get a written agreement that shows the terms of the employment. This is important if there is any conflict with the employer in the future.

Your agreement

The agreement should say what salary you have, what kind of position you have and if you have any special terms outside of the collective agreement.
Not all employers have collective agreement that regulate your conditions of employment. When the employer does not have it, it is important that you negotiate the terms yourself.

Your individual agreement with the employer should contain:

  • Pension
  • Parental leave pay
  • Sick pay
  • Work injury insurance
  • Overtime payment
  • Travelling time payment

Your contract should contain this information:

  • Names and addresses of the employer and the employee
  • Specification or description of duties
  • Title
  • Commencement date
  • Workplace
  • Fixed term or indefinite term
  • Probationary employment
  • Notice period
  • Salary, intervals of payment, yearly revision
  • Length of paid annual leave
  • Collective bargaining agreement/employers policy/individual agreement.

Starting salary for engineers

As an engineer, you should get a job that you are qualified for and get a god salary. You can get tips and advice from The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers and get access to their salary statistics.

Starting salary for an engineer depends on the employer, the region of the workplace, your qualifications and how well they correspond to your duties.
Average starting salary for a newly graduated engineer 2020 was:

  • Master of Science in Engineering: 36 300 SEK/month before tax.
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering: 34 400 SEK/month before tax.

 (The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers, 2021)

Before you start negotiating about your salary, it is important that you have investigated the market. You can either get help from The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers or the local union representative. Keep in mind that you can also negotiate about other things than the salary, for example more vacation days.