Writing a cover letter

Make a good first impression through your CV and cover letter. The recruiter will notice right away if you put some effort into your application or not. You have a lot to win if you work through the content, the language and the layout. Here you can create your cover letter step by step.

How do I begin?

A cover letter should always be adapted to the job that you are applying for. Therefore, before you start writing your cover letter, you need to find a position that you want to apply for. A first step that will prepare you for writing your cover letter is to do the exercises below. They will provide you with material that you can use while, at the same time, following our step-by-step cover letter-guide.

Preparing exercises:

Exercise: Explore your strengths and weaknesses

Exercise: Setting up goals

Exercise: Values

Exercise: Searching for jobs

Finally ...

Is it really necessary to adjust each cover letter after each job ad?

You should never send out the same application to multiple employers. It is always evident that it is an impersonal and general job application and the employer will not spend time on reading it. Adjust both your resume and letter after each job position and business. Try to give the impression of being particularly interested in their company.


Before you send your cover letter, be sure to proofread it! Spelling errors will give a bad and unserious impression. Ask if someone can check and proof read.