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Change of certificate for Eduroam

Published Jan 18, 2022

The certificate for Eduroam is changed and you might need to make a new connection

System/Service: Eduroam wireless network

Interruption: Change of security certificate

Status: The certificate is changed and you might need to make a new Euroam connection to get access to the network again.

Who is affected: Students and employees and other KTH users using the Eduroam network.

How the interuption affects you:

  • KTH Windows: Go to the list of wireless networks.
    Rightclick on all networks named something with Eduroam and choose Forget.
    Go to Software center and fins an application named Eduroam KTH.
    Choose install or repair (what is available) and run that installation/repair.
    After that you should be able to access the Eduroam network again using you network secret.
    Eduroam in Software center
  • Mobile device: Install the applicationen Eduroam CAT. Information is here Eduroam CAT konfigurator
    Befor running the application in the CAT configurator you should delete all eduroam networks from your device.
Belongs to: KTH Intranet
Last changed: Jan 18, 2022