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Username and Password

When you log in, you have to use your KTH Account, which is the same username and password you use for the Personal Menu.

General Information about username and password

You need a username and password to log in to a computer. The password is personal and must be kept secret, it is only known by you. In our computer systems we use the same username and password as the KTH Account, which means that you are supposed to use the same login credentials as when you log in to the Personal Menu and Canvas. Changing your password in one place will automatically change in all systems connected to the KTH Account.

Have you lost your password?

Bring a valid identification and visit KTH Entré at Drottning Kristinas väg 4.
Opening hours: KTH Entré .

Acceptable forms of identification at KTH

If you are on another of KTH campuses, you can visit the local IT support at that campus .

If you can not visit KTH

If you are not able to visit us at KTH, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Write the following text on a piece of paper: "Hereby I confirm that this is my ID card/my passport."
  2. Also write a date and your signature on the same paper.
  3. Put your valid photo ID   on this paper.
  4. Scan or take a picture that shows the written text and your valid ID in the same picture.
  5. Attach the picture in an e-mail to: .
  6. Please add your cellphone number and an activation code will be sent to you.

You can also fax the same information to +46 8 790 9388.

Change the password on your KTH Account

Read this first!

You must log out/close applications that use your password on other units such as your cellphone or tablet. After you have changed your password, you must change the password in the settings of the applications before you start them again so that the application won't use your old password, which might put you at a risk of a locked account.

Password requirements

  • At least 8 characters
  • Must not contain three or more consequent letters from your name or username.
  • Must contain characters from at least three out of the four character groups specified below
    • A-Z
    • a-z
    • 0-9
    • other characters except 'space'.

Instructions for changing the password

  1. In a web browser open .
  2. Log on to the Personal Menu .
  3. Click on your name in the personal menu (the grey bar at the top of the page).
  4. Select "Change password" from the list below "My Settings", or go to this page Change password of your KTH Account . Then fill in the following fields.
  5. Username: Type your account name, without "".
  6. Current password: Type your current password.
  7. New password: Type your new password.
  8. New password again: Type in your new password again, this is just to confirm that you are typing the password correctly.
  9. Click on the "Change password" and wait for confirmation that your password has been changed.
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Last changed: Jan 13, 2023