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Username and Password

When you log in you have to use your KTH Account, that is the same username and password as you use for the Personal Menu.

Forgot your password?

If you have already obtained your KTH Account but have forgotten your password, you must visit the KTH IT-Support (or your local IT-support) to get a new password. Note that you must bring a valid ID  or an equivalent document. If you are not able to visit us, please read further instructions to obtain a New password for your KTH account .

General Information about username and password

To log in on a computer you need a username and a password.
The password is personal and must be kept secret, it is only known by you.
In our computer systems we use the same username and password as the KTH Account, that means that you are supposed to use the same login credentials as when you log in to the Personal Menu and Canvas.
If you change your password in one place, it will automatically change in all systems that are connected to the KTH Account.

Changing the password

For instructions on how to change your password go the Change password on your KTH Account .

To change your password log in to the Personal Menu, or go directly to .

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Last changed: Apr 20, 2022