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Rules for Publishing on the Web

As a student at KTH, you have the opportunity to publish a personal website. For these websites, special rules apply.

Types of web pages

There are two types of web pages at KTH, official web pages and personal web pages. Both are required to abide by a set of general rules and for personal pages there are additional requirements.

Here is a summary of the rules that apply. For full terms and conditions see the link at the end of this document.

General rules for web pages

A web page may not:

  1. Contain material that is in breach of the law (eg, sedition, incitement to racial hatred, child pornography, unlawful depiction of violence, defamation or insult)
  2. Contain material that is offensive or objectionable (eg, pornography or instructions on bomb-making)
  3. Contain political, racial or religious propaganda or opinion mediation
  4. Be used to disseminate material that may violate copyright rules (eg books, photos, sounds, music, movies or software)

A web pages may neither contain links to pages that are in breach of paragraph 1-4 above.

Personal Web Pages

Personal web pages are web pages where individual students or employees may present themselves. For these, some special rules apply, and the proprietor is responsible for the content.

Personal web pages may not contain any KTH logotypes. Exemptions are made for pages containing material published by KTH containing the KTH logotype (eg a users own theses papers). Personal web pages may be designed to give the appearance of being an official KTH pages.
Personal web pages must also contain a so called Disclaimer. For further information on this and all the rules that must be followed, see the link below.

Web publications and IT Services  (See the PDF Document: KTH's official web publications)

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Last changed: Sep 22, 2020