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Important information about password change for your KTH account

Due to the increasing number of hacking attempts against Swedish universities and authorities, all users must change the password both for their KTH account and WiFi Network Secret (eduroam and VPN) by June 3, 2024. After that, passwords that have not been changed will be reset. You can still change your password via Swedish Mobile BankID or by visiting KTH after this date.

Are you not using your KTH account?

Contact  if you wish to disable your KTH account.

These cases are not treated as urgent, but will be taken care of as soon as possible, thank you for your patience!

Step 1: Change the password to your KTH account and then update it on your devices

  1. If you have Swedish Mobile BankID, change the password to your KTH account at .
    If you do not have Swedish Mobile BankID, you need to visit KTH Entré  or one of the Service Centers in Flemingsberg, Kista or Södertälje. It is important that you bring a valid identification  with you.
    Read more about how to change your password for your KTH Account .

  2. After the password change is done, log out on all devices (mobile phones, computers, tablets) where you use your KTH account and then log in again with your new password. It is especially important that devices with email accounts are updated with the new password as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk that the KTH account will be locked due to too many incorrect login attempts.

Note: If you cannot log in with your new password, your KTH account may have been temporarilylocked. Please wait 15 minutes and try to log in again.

Step 2: Change WiFi Network secret for eduroam and VPN

  1. Log in with your new password at  to generate a new Network secret that is used as the password for eduroam and VPN.
    Read more about how you can Retrieve existing or create a new eduroam network secret .
  2. Remove and re-add eduroam to your devices following the instructions for eduroam at KTH .
  3. If you use a VPN connection, use your new Network secret as the password in your Cisco Secure Client VPN client on your computer and mobile.

Frequently asked questions about the password change