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[Fully booked]: Virtual Modular Synthesis Workshop

Do you want to use electrical signals to manipulate sound without having to sacrifice your first born? Welcome to our student led workshop!

Time: Thu 2022-12-08 15.00 - 17.00

Location: Room Newton, KTH Library – Registration required

Language: English

Participating: Ahmad Alattar, student

This workshop is fully booked at the moment.

This is a hands-on workshop on the building blocks of modular sound synthesis using VCV Rack. Without the need for expensive audio equipment, VCV Rack offers a desktop interface for modular synthesizers eliminating any exclusion to anyone who wants to produce sounds or make music but doesn't want to or can't pay the hefty price.

You will learn about the basic modules for sound generation and build a small synthesizer as well as some sound synthesis techniques and sound modulation methods. After this workshop you will have the needed toolbox for limitless electronic sound creation and experimentation.

VCV Rack is a virtual modular synthesizer that is free and open-source running on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Download  before so we don’t waste time on that. No musical education or prior knowledge of audio production is needed. Bring a computer.

This workshop is part of our student led workshop series.

Limited number of seats!