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Global Health Night (SIGHT)

This is a call to action for young professionals and students of all backgrounds - let’s work for solutions to make planetary health sustainable for us all.

Time: Thu 2021-11-25 17.00

Location: KTH Campus + Zoom

Language: English


For the first time ever, Global Health Night will be taking place at KTH on the 25th of November 2021. To students and young people from all backgrounds and disciplines: join the annual student-led forum where the most pressing questions in global health are discussed!

Organized by the Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation’s Student Organizations Network, in partnership with IFMSA Sweden and KTH Students for Sustainability, this event will bring together students and experts from across sectors to find common ground and tackle problems together.

Hosting the event at KTH and collaborating with KTH SforS is hugely significant in the drive to make global health an interdisciplinary issue, engaging data scientists, engineers, architects and many more.

This year, the focus lies on planetary health - the convergence of human and environmental wellbeing. We increasingly recognize these as intertwined and interdependent. We also know that they present among the biggest challenges we face right now.

The theme is centered on technology and the role of the human-technology relationship in ensuring planetary health for today and for the future. Do we need more or less technology? Do we need to change the way we use tech, or will the solutions come by themselves if we just let them?

Through excellent key-note addresses and a passionate panel, we will seek to answer these questions. Adjacently, a workshop will be run by IFMSA under their “Our Health Is On Fire” campaign”.

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