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KTH Södertälje: meet KTH startup Ellure

Ellure's lipstick printer and a portrait of Selah Li

Meet the KTH student that built a lipstick printer to tackle overproduction in the cosmetics industry. Welcome to a talk with Selah Li, co-founder of Ellure.

Time: Tue 2023-03-21 12.00 - 13.30

Location: KTH Södertälje, KTH-torget

Language: English

Participating: Selah Li & Eva Halén

27 lipsticks are sold every second, but 80% of all cosmetic products that are sold every year are not actively used. Masses of products also never leave the shelves, and end up being discarded.

Welcome to a talk with Selah Li, who co-founded the startup Ellure  as a student at KTH. Selah and her co-founders have developed a lipstick printer and AR-tool that lets you design and try-on lipsticks virtually and print out the ones you like in just one minute. Instead of producing millions of the same color, they produce just one in the exact shade you want. Fully personalized and without waste and overproduction. 

Hear Selah's story of founding Ellure, building a lipstick printer from scratch, and her plans for the future.

Open coaching for new ideas

After the talk, you can get feedback on your own idea in a short, individual meeting with Eva Halén, business coach at KTH Innovation, in the Open Coaching session! Eva is a KTH alumnus who has previously been CEO of Electrolux Home. She specializes in ideas focused on Industry & production.

We welcome everyone who is a student, researcher, or employee at KTH. 

Coffee for everyone! The first 25 to arrive get a lunch sandwich.

This is an event for students, researchers, and employees at KTH

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Last changed: Mar 13, 2023