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Published Nov 06, 2018

The payment service PayEx Lärosäteskonto for students will be phased out.

The Print Service KTH-Print uses the payment service PayEx Lärosäteskonto to enable payment of printouts in addition to the free print quota and for payment of plotter printouts.
From the end of the year 2018, the payment service PayEx Lärosäteskonto will be discontinued by the supplier and can no longer be used for payment of printouts at KTH.

Read more at wallit.payex.com/regarding the discontinuation.

KTH is currently procuring a replacement for the service and will publish information about it as soon as the procurement is completed.

Transition handling

  • The free print quota for students in KTH-Print is replenished at the turn of the year and should be sufficient until the service is replaced by the procured system. Should your free printing run out before, please contact KTH IT-Support ( it-support@kth.se) for assistance.
  • For the purchase of plotter printouts at the School of Architecture, please contact the service function KTH-Entré.

    Who is affected:  Students
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