Problem logging in to services in Internet Explorer

Published Aug 21, 2018

Just a white page after login

System/Service: Many services usinh KTH login. For example KTH Res, HR+ (egenrapportering), KTH för mig (Benify), Wisum, Canvas, NyA, Ladok

Interruption: Unknown

Status:  A solution is made. Please restart your computer to make sure the solution applies to your computer.

Who is affected: Employees using Internet Explorer as web browser.

How the interuption affects you:  When trying to log in to a service using KTH login just a white page appears, and not web-page of the service.

Workaround: Use som other web browser than Internet Explorer, use Firefox or Chrome.
Regarding Ladok you should never use Internet Explorer since the system might not work as intended in that web browser.

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