Done! - Maintenance work that affects KTH's common project file storage

Published Jun 12, 2019

The planned system maintenance with KTH's common file storage for projects (P:) is finished and the files under P: are avaliable again.

During the weekend 14-16 of June, a planned system maintenance will be done with KTH's common file storage for projects (P:).

The work includes the file storage called "Projekt", ie. the files that are automatically mounted as file directory P: within the KTH computer platform KTH Windows (formerly WIKS).
During the work of system maintenance, the files under P: will not be available.

Who is affected: Employees who use files under Projekt (P:), either via KTH's common computer platforms (KTH Windows, KTH Mac and KTH Ubuntu) or via self-administered computers.

How this affects you: This means that the files under P: are not available from 8 pm on Friday evening June 14 to 7 am Monday morning June 17.

You need to save files you have open and are working on, and close the open files under P: no later than 19:50 on Friday June 14, otherwise you risk data loss.

The files under P: are again available after 7:00 am on Monday, June 17. However, should this maintenance be finished (and the files become available) earlier than planned, this web site will be updated with that information.

For users within the KTH Windows platform: access to files after. 7:00 on Monday is done the same way as before, but requires you to log out / in on the computer once (if you did not do it after the weekend).

For users who do not use the KTH Windows platform and cannot access the files under P: you need to make a new mounting of the desired file directory under P :. Here you will find instructions for how to do it (the information is updated on Friday 14/6):

For questions or further info, please contact us at KTH IT Support (mail:  , tel. +46 8 790 6600).

Please let us know if there is an absolute need to work with the files under P: during the weekend, we will try to solve it.

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Last changed: Jun 12, 2019