Frequently Asked Questions on Canvas for Students (FAQ)

How do I log in? When can I see my courses? Who can send messages to me? Here you find some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about Canvas.

How do I log in to Canvas to see my courses?

You log in with your KTH account. If you are a new student, you will get your KTH account with login information when you have been registered. Read more about course registration . The easiest way to go to Canvas is through the "Personal menu". Go to Click on "LOGIN" in the top right corner. In the top menu, select "Courses" --> "My courses". You can also go to "Services" --> "Learning Management System (Canvas)" or use the direct link:

Important: You need to be registered for the course you should go before you can access the content in the classroom.

If you are an external student without a KTH account (for example from Stockholm University or Karolinska Institutet) you must ask your teacher or course manager to send an email to  that you need to be added manually to Canvas and to the course. Once you have received your login information and access to the course, log in to Canvas via this link: .

I've forgotten my password, what should I do?

If you are a student with a KTH account, you need to visit KTH IT Support (or your local IT-support) to get a new password. Please note that you must provide a valid ID. If you are unable to visit the support, you can still get help, read more here: Get password for KTH account. If you are an external student without a KTH account, you will need to contact your teacher or to .

I can't find my schedule in Canvas, why?

Your schedule is not in Canvas, but under the "Personal menu" when you have logged in to In Canvas and the course rooms, there is a "Calendar" located in the left-hand menu. Click and choose which calendar you want to see. In "Calendar", the teacher can add events related to the course. There is also information about, for example, deadlines for assignments.

How do I set up so I get notifications about what's happening in my course rooms?

You can receive notifications about new messages, new assigments, discussion posts, and much more that you may want to keep in mind. You set up how you want your notifications (mail, SMS, etc.) and how often you want to receive notifications (immediately, daily, weekly). We recommend that you take some time to adjust this in Canvas. This can reduce the risk of missing any important course information. Read more in How do I add a contact method to receive Canvas notifications as a student?  and How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as a student? .

I'm having trouble up loading files and assigments in Canvas, what do I do?

If you have trouble uploading and downloading files in Canvas, you can start by trying to clear the browswer cache, How do I clear my browser cache on a PC?  You can also try another browser. If that didn't solve the problem contact .

Who can send messages to me?

In Canvas there are "Conversations", a built-in email and message feature. In your "Inbox" you can read messages and send messages to both teachers and classmates. You can only send messages to people you share course room with. Read more in How do I use Conversations as a student?  and the video Conversations Overview .

Can I use Canvas on my mobile phone, is there an app?

You can access Canvas from any browser on Android / iOS. Please note that not all functions work as well in the mobile browser as they do if you use Canvas from a regular computer and browser. There is also an app, "Canvas Student" (iOS 10+, Android 4.2+). Read more about Canvas apps and use via mobile: Canvas Student Guide.