Access cards for Campus Valhallavägen

Where do I turn to concerning the access card system?

KTH Entré at Drottning Kristinas väg 4, helps students and employees only with basic issues concerning access cards, for example change a pin codes, extend access period and issue a new card or replace a lost one.

To access special rooms a course responsible person from your school has to send a request to the Card Office

Question: why can't I enter rooms with my access card?​

There can be three reasons for that:

  • your permissions have expired. The permissions on the access card are time limited.
  • you don't have access permission. Some computer labs for example are reserved for a certain programme.
  • the access card is demagnetized or broken. You will need to obtain a new access card.

Question: What do I do if I lose my access card?​

Report a lost access card to the Card Office  or please call Service number 08-790 9200 and ask them to connect your call to the Card Office, during regular working hours.

After that you will have to obtain a new access card at KTH Entré . Please bring a valid ID with you, like your passport.

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Last changed: Jan 27, 2020