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How do I purchase additional print quota for KTH-Print?

All KTH students receive a free print quota corresponding to SEK 200 per semester (to be filled in July and January), which they can use to print at KTH. The students who used their free quota can fill it by buying additional prints.*

Refund of purchased quota

Refund of purchased prints are only possible at the termination or completion of studies at KTH and then only upon request. Refunds are only accepted for amounts of 100 SEK or more, amounts under 100 SEK will not be refunded. Claims for reimbursement can only be made up to six months after completion or termination of studies. Past that refund will not be accepted.

The refund is made to the same account/credit card used for the purchase.

For refunds, please contact the KTH IT Support which in its turn contacts Konica Minolta Business Solutions Sweden AB for repayment of balances.

* You need to be on KTH network to be able to top up your account.

The guide below shows how to buy additional KTH-Print prints.

1. Go to KTH-Print  and log in

2. Click ”Deposit money

3. New page opens to proceed with the payment process. Fill in how much money you want to deposit. Be sure to deposit enough money that you think you will print for. Press ”Proceed to payment gateway”.

4. In order to progress, you need to accept the agreement, it is done by clicking on ”I agree

5. Check out the summary and click on "Create payment" to proceed.

6. Fill in address information and bank card info. Press ”Pay” to continue

7. You will receive confirmation after successful payment. Click "Back to Ysoft SafeQ" to complete the payment process..

8. Press” Finish” and go back to KTH-Prints website.

9. To update your print quota ("Account balance") click on the "Reload" button at the top right.

Finished! You can now print at any KTH-Print printers.

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Last changed: Oct 17, 2019