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Plotter - ARCH School - User guide for printing

  • To add printer credits for the plotters, follow the guide for How do I purchase additional print quota for KTH-Print? .
    After you have purchased printer credits you can send your file to the Plotters.


  • Open youe pdf file, press print and select one of the plotters in the drop-down menu.

    Select Actual fit. Select Auto portrait/landscape.
    Click the properties button so it shows the interface in the next step.

  • In the Paper/quality tab, select the size you want to print (A2, A1, A0 or custom) You can change the slider position for the quality.

  • If you want to print a custom sized file, click the custom button.

    Select millimetres as unit. Set the values in the boxes. Remember the width can only be 1066.8 since that is the actual width of the paper roll.
    Select a name and then save the custom settings. Click OK.
    Press OK when you have selected the setting you want.

  • Make sure the preview matches how you want the print to come out from the Plotter and press Print.

  • Blip your card on the respective card reader at the plotters and your printout will be printed in queue order.

  • Get your printout!

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Last changed: Sep 05, 2019