Here you will find all the information you need in order to print at KTH.

KTH will pahse out PayEx at end of 2018

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KTH provides students with free printing quota up to 200 SEK per calendar half-year for regular prints (KTH-Print). If you need more printouts, please follow the guide for purchase of printer credits.

You can print from any of the computer rooms, your own computer or mobile phone and then pick up the printout at any KTH-Print printer in any of the computer rooms.

To retrieve the printout use your KTH access card on KTH-Print printers of your choice.

The default setting on all KTH-Print printers is dubbelsided, blackandwhite and A4 paper size (lowest cost per page). You can also change the standard settings to print one sided, colour and A3 paper size (this must be done when printing from the computer/device).