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Using KTH-Print, you can easily scan documents to PDF format and send them by mail to any address.

1. Log in to the printer marked with KTH-Print with your KTH Access card or manually.

2. Place the original as shown below.

3. Press Scan / Fax on the screen as shown below.

4. First tap the menu choice Direct Entry / Direktinmatning (left side of screen) and then tap Mail . If you want to send to your KTH.SE address , you do not need to specify a destination address since you are already logged in (defined as "Me" on the screen).

5. Tap "Me" as recipients enter the email address you want to send the document to.

6. Select any desired settings (explained in the table below) for the scanning job if the defaults do not suit your needs (the bottom part on the screen).


Scanning Setup

Description / Explanation


Choose BW / color etc.


Select 2-sided when scanning double-sided documents. 


Set the resolution / quality of the scan.

The higher the number, the more detailed the pictures will be. 

File Type

Select the type of file to be created when you scanned. The following files are supported:

PDF, SPDF, PDF/a, Word, Excel, TIFF, RTF, XPS

Scanning format

Set the size of the document you are scanning. Useful if you want to scan only a portion of a document. 

E-mail settings

Change the file name or e-mail of the subject of e-mail to be sent.

7. Press the physical Start button on the printer.

8. Scanning of the document begins and is then sent to your chosen recipient. You are all done!

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Last changed: Jul 22, 2019