As student or employee you have access to free wireless network at KTH.


KTH provides all students and employees who have an KTH account access to free wireless network at the KTH premises, to faciltate study and work.

The WiFi network is called eduroam which stands for education roaming and is a international cooperation between universities ( see KTH eduroam website ). The idea is that you use your user account at your home university to login to the wireless network.

eduroam uses WPA-enterprise which allows you to access KTHs wireless net without logging in everytime you connect to the net. This will also allow you to use the network on many other universities without any change to your configuration.
(note: WPA-enterprise is not the same as WPA-PSK (pre-shared-key) which we DON'T support).
The eduroam service works at many universities, but you have to check with each place to be sure.

In these pages you will find information and guides on how to access this network with your computer, phone or tablet.

Belongs to: Student at KTH
Last changed: Dec 02, 2015