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Complaints about your education and study environment

It is important for KTH to receive comments and complaints from you as a student in order to rectify any shortcomings. Where you should turn to depends on the comment or complaint you want to make.

Leave complaints about your education and study environment

If you have a comment or complaint concerning your education, you can use the form below.

The information in the form will go directly to the university’s case management system where your case is registered. Coordinators that handle complaints will be assigned the case, and will then forward it to the concerned school or other functions within KTH. If necessary, an administrator will contact you to obtain additional information.

Complaints with other routines/procedures

Discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimization

If you have been the victim of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or victimization turn to the listed contact person at your school.

For support and to make a complaint in the event of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or victimization

Decisions made by KTH

According to the Higher Education Ordinance, Högskoleförordningen, (1993:100) chapter 12 you have the right to appeal certain decisions made by the university. This can, for example, be decisions regarding credit transfer, diplomas, study breaks and withdrawal of doctoral student’s educational resources. It is clear from each decision how it can be appealed. You can also contact the person who made the decision to have the reasons clarified.

Appealing against the university's decision

Request for review of grade

For a request for review of grade please contact the Course or Student Office responsible for the course.

Course or student offices

Public document

Complaints and documents for registration become public documents when they are received by KTH. This means that anyone can request the documents if they are not protected by the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act.