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Recruitment of the next president and deputy president

The president’s mandate period expires at the end of 2022. You as a student are invited to contribute to the recruitment processes for the next president and deputy president. What personal qualities do you think are necessary for this role and what challenges do you envisage KTH facing that a prospective president ought to address? Contribute with input on the employment profile, nominate candidates or contact the student representatives.


KTH is recruiting a new president during the academic year 21/22

The president’s mandate period expires on 30 November 2022 and the deputy president’s expires on 31 December 2022. A nominated nomination committee, including student representatives, will submit a proposal for a new president to the University Board on 2 June 2022. The proposal will then be submitted to the government for a final decision. A new president is intended to take office from 1 December 2022. The recruitment process for a new deputy president will be started as soon as the University Board has forwarded the proposal for a new president to the government.

You can contribute to the recruitment process

You as a student you have the opportunity to participate in important parts of the recruitment process. You are invited to contribute with input concerning the employment profile (that is set by the board) and to nominate candidates (available from 18 October). Your ideas are important and will contribute to a properly considered recruitment process and the successful recruitment of a president and accordingly head of authority at KTH. You will also be given the opportunity participate at the hearing of the final candidate. 

Recruitment of the next president and deputy president (KTH Intranet)

President's responsibilities and tasks (KTH Intranet)


If you have general questions about the recruitment processes, you can contact .

Student representatives in the nomination committee

Why should students contribute to the recruitment of the next president?

- Students are an important part of KTH, it is therefore also obvious to contribute to the recruitment of the next president. Students not only have a unique perspective on what it is to actually study at KTH, but also constitute the target group that much of KTH's activities are ultimately about. By contributing to the recruitment, each student can give us in the committee the opportunity to understand different perspectives. This is important because the student body is incredibly heterogeneous - no two students are alike. By helping us see from different student perspectives, you do us a great service in the recruitment process in finding as good a president as possible for KTH.

What do yo do as student representatives in the nomination committee?

- As student representatives, we do our best to understand all perspectives that are relevant to KTH, but of course we ultimately represent the student perspective. This means highlighting the students' overall interest and values ​​in the various parts of the recruitment process. We participate in all meetings of the nomination committee and are an equal party to, for example, the teachers' representatives. Together with the rest of the committee, we work to ensure that KTH will get a president as good as possible. The president has great opportunities for change at KTH and it is important, not least from a student perspective, that we put the right person in the post. We are therefore happy to receive all students' input on this, and look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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