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Find information and communicate on courses

Each course at KTH has a course website where you as a student can find general course information and schedule. Most courses are also available in Canvas where you will find course material, assignments and other things that you need for your studies.


Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) used for all courses at KTH. Here you find course material, assignments and can keep in touch with teachers and fellow students. It is the teachers who decide what features are available on each course. Read more about Canvas .

Course website

On the Course website you find information about the course eg syllabus, schedule, course analysis and other general information.

On this course website you as a student can:

  • find your schedule and other course information.
  • find the syllabus, also older versions.
  • take part of course analysis and course development documentation.

All students on a course automatically gets a subscription to the course website. You can see activites from everything you subscribe to (courses, programs or groups) on your subscription page . On your Academic overview you can see which courses you are admitted to and registered on.

Subscribers automatically get e-mail notifications when something happens on the course website (daily summary is the default option). You can of course edit your e-mail settings. Click on subscription settings on your personal subscription page. 

Get started

  • Start by setting up your profile; accept the terms of use, set your profile visibility, upload a picture of yourself and write a brief introduction. Go to your profile page  and click on "Edit my profile".
  • You may need to Log in  to see all the content on the course website. You find links to your courses in the personal menu.
  • If you would like to see your course schedules in another calendar program (e.g. Outlook or Google calendar) by exporting your calendar .
  • You may want to unsubscribe to the course website after the course has finished. You can do that under "My subscription" on the course website. The course will then also disappear from your personal menu.
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Last changed: May 27, 2020