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General information about course registration

A course registration indicates your intention to attend the course that you have been admitted to. Registration is necessary so that you can get access to the course in Canvas, register for exams and your results can be reported. It is also a prerequisite in order to obtain student aid which is paid out by CSN.

Course registration

Before the start of a course you have to register via the web. You find the web registration function via Ladok for students   (Current education).

Keep in mind that you must have registered to maintain access to your courses after the web registration period.

For courses that last longer than one semester, for example courses that start in the autumn semester and continue into the spring semester, you will have to register again (a continued registration).

The web registration periods for academic year 2020/2021

Autumn semester 2020

  • study period 1 2020: from Thursday August 20 through Monday August 31 (Technical Preparatory Year/semester: registration period August 27 through September 7)
  • study period 2 2020: from Thursday October 22 through November 2

Spring semester 2021

  • study period 3 2021: from Thursday January 14 through Monday January 25
  • Study period 4 2021: from Thursday March 18 through Monday March 29

Notify discontinuance of a course

If you have started a course, but want to discontinue, please notify this via the web Ladok for students . Please note that if you are a fee paying student and discontinue a course three weeks after the start of the course, you will have to pay extra for any additional courses you register for.

If you can not notify the discontinuance via the web, please contact the Course Office responsible for the course.

Re-registration of a course

For help with re-registration for a course contact the department that is providing the course, for example the Course Office.

Before a new semester

If you are behind with your programme studies, contact a study counsellor or programme coordinator for help with planning your continued studies.

If you want a break in your studies or if you want to terminate your studies read more about approved leave and non-completion of studies  . You can also contact your School´s Office of Student Affairs for more information.


For more information about course registration, if you lack a course registration or re-registration please contact the Course Office.

If you are not admitted to a course that you have applied to, contact your School's office of student affairs  .