There are special regulations at KTH concerning written exams (salsskrivningar). As a student you are required to know and comply with the regulations applicable to the examination at KTH.

Registration for written exam is mandatory!

You have to register in advance for all written exams and for minor tests, for example partial exams held during an exam period.

 Use the web to register for exams. Log on to the personal menu at kth.se and you will find the function "Examination" in tab "Courses" or use the link on this web site. In order for you to register, you must have a semester registration (that is if you are a programme student) for the current semester. You must also be admitted to and registered on the course. If you do not have the opportunity to write the exam you have signd upp for, remember to cancel the registration.

Register for examination or cancellation

There are new regulations for written exams valid from the exam period 1, autumn semester 2017

The changes in the regulations apply to all students at KTH. Please, read carefully what you ought to know and follow!

Regulations regarding written exams at KTH.

Here is a brief summary that clarifies what is new:

  • Registration periods for each exam period are common throughout KTH and are decided for each new academic year. Find the link to information about registration periods further down the page.
  • Photo ID is mandatory, without exception!
  • Reduction of late arrival time from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Entrance to the examination hall is organized with two inpasses as follows:
    • Inpass 1 occurs approximately 10 minutes before the start of the examination.
    • Inpass 2 occurs after 30 minutes. Before inpass 2 students with exam registration but have been late will get the same information as other students in the examination hall.
  • Teachers on duty are not required to visit all examination halls. They should be available by telephone throughout the writing period. This is in order to resolve any uncertainties regarding the exams if necessary.
  • Exam question papers or your own notes on paper may not be taken from the examination hall when leaving.
  • Students who have not registered for the exam may write the exam if there is a free seat in the examination hall. The student also has to submit a valid course registration transcript.NOTE! Digital transcripts does not apply in this case! A course registration transcript can be obtained as follows:
    • create and print the transcript via the personal menu and the web service "Transcripts" Create registration transcripts
    • obtain a signed course registration transcript from the education office where the course is given.

Registration periods for exams academic year 2017/2018

Registration periods and schedule for exams and re-exams

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