Arrival and introduction

As a new international student at KTH you are offered arrival services as well as an introduction programme with both social and informative activities. Taking part in Arrival and Introduction is a way for you to become familiar with KTH, to get to know your new hometown and to meet new friends.

After receiving your letter of acceptance, KTH will provide you with all the information and support you need before making the move to Sweden. Practical matters such as residence permit and accommodation can be attended to as soon as your admission is confirmed.

Arrival Days autumn 2020

1 August & 15-16 August

Arrival Days

Arrival Days are organized to give you a smooth arrival and to ensure that you get access to the information needed for a good start at your new study destination. When planning your arrival at KTH, make sure you arrive on one of these days in order to enjoy the additional services offered and to be ready to attend your mandatory School Introduction.

Arrival Day services at Arlanda Airport

If you arrive at Arlanda Airport you can look forward to:

  • Student guides welcoming you at Arlanda airport between 09.00-21.00
    Student guides will be present at Terminal 2 and 5. Approach them - they are expecting you and will happily answer any question you might have and assist you during the last stretch of your journey. 

  • Free bus transfer service to KTH Campus
    Buses running every hour, starting at 09.00 (sharp) in the morning. Last bus will leave at 21.00 (sharp) in the evening. The bus will pick you up at terminal 5 and will take approximately 45-60 min to KTH Campus. 

If you arrive at any other airport or outside of the bus service hours on the Arrival Days you will need to make arrangements for the transport to KTH yourself.

Find your way to KTH

Arrival Day site on campus

The Arrival Day site on campus is located in KTH Entré and will be open 10.00-22.00 during Arrival Days. KTH Entré is the service and information hub for all new international students where you can meet with the Arrival Day crew and get the information needed for a good start at KTH. Services to enjoy during the day:

  • Free luggage storage at KTH Entré. 
  • Sign your housing contract and pick up your keys (if you have accommodation through KTH). 
  • Meet with Student Union (THS) representatives and get into the spirit of a true KTH student. Here you can learn about the buddy system, how to join different associations and sign up for the social activities within the introduction programme. You are also welcome to attend the free Arrival BBQ hosted by THS.
  • Get started with your personal KTH IT-account. Activate your IT-account to get started with wifi and the other services included in the personal menu (email, software and more). Please bring your passport. 
  • Mingle with KTH staff and get answers to all your questions about being new in Sweden and new at KTH.

Share your arrival

Start creating your own memories already upon arrival at KTH. Hashtag your new friends, introduction and overall impression of your arrival. #ktharrival

Things to do within the first couple of weeks:

Student Union, THS

When arriving in Stockholm for your studies, you will take part in an extensive introduction programme provided by KTH and the Student Union, THS. The programme includes the traditional KTH welcome reception as well as guided tours and social activities. The introduction will help you find your way through Swedish society, and is a great way to make new friends.

Find out more about the Student Union, THS

Previous arrivals

Have a look at what a few of our new International students had to say upon arrival last year (please note that bus shuttles arranged by KTH are only provided during the Arrival Days in August) .