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Regarding possible extra examination opportunity in examination period 2

Published Mar 18, 2022

The material KTH has analysed does not indicate that it will be necessary to offer extra examination opportunities for all courses that had exams on-campus during examination period 2. However, it may be possible for KTH’s schools to request exemptions after the re-examination period in April. This if it turns out that, due to the pandemic, a significant number of the students have not passed courses they need to advance in their education.

KTH has analysed the need for a possible extra examination opportunity for exam period 2, carried out in January 2022. The reason was the then high spread of COVID-19, which meant that some students could not participate in exams on-campus as planned. In February, THS created a form where all students could anonymously share their thoughts regarding a possible extra examination opportunity. A total of 182 responses were collected, which has been helpful in KTH's analysis.

KTH has reviewed the answers received and analysed what the participation looked like during the various examinations. Based on the analysis, it is not possible to see any general reduction in the proportion of participants during the exams in examination period 2. Some courses even had a significantly higher proportion of participants than previous occasions.

In light of this, KTH will generally not add an extra examination opportunity for examination period 2, but refers to the re-examination, 19-22 April. Registration for the re-examination period is open until 31 March.

Certain courses and possible exemption

Some students have expressed concern about certain courses, which they must pass to advance in their education. As a student, you may have completed other moments in these courses, but could not participate in the exam on-campus due to the pandemic. In such cases, it may be possible for the schools' director of first and second cycle education (GA) to request an extra examination for these particular courses. Alternatively, the GA can consider the situation with a high spread of infection in January if you apply for an exemption for eligibility. If you need an exemption for general and special eligibility, contact your study counsellor and/or master’s coordinator.

Study counselling for programme students

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Last changed: Mar 18, 2022