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Have coffee and talk student communication

Published Nov 16, 2021

KTH wants to get better at communicating with KTH students. Therefore, KTH now invites you as a student to coffee meetings a few times per semester. Come and enjoy good buns while you tell what is going on for students and give KTH feedback on content and communication solutions.

Students and coffee

"We want to get an insight into what it is like to be a student at KTH", says Sara Gunningberg, communicator at the Education Office.

She is working on a large project to improve KTH's communication with students, and the project has provided important insights into students' experiences. Now it is time to take the work further in concrete measures.

"Now, we need students who test content and structure on, for example, the web, newsletters, personal menu, notifications, course rooms. We want help to understand what is relevant for students", says Sara Gunningberg.

The coffee meetings will occur at THS Kafé or THS Nymble on KTH Campus, but can also be offered on other campuses.

"Of course, we offer coffee, tea, smoothies and coffee bread, and you get the opportunity to influence KTH's communication to students."

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Last changed: Nov 16, 2021