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KTH in first place in Climate Students' ranking 2022

Published Apr 06, 2022

The organisation Climate Students ranks Sweden's higher education institutions according to their climate work over the past year in the report Climate Action Ranking. This year, KTH came in first place.

The ranking is based on the universities' actual emissions and emission reductions as well as their level of ambition for future sustainable development. This year, 23 of Sweden's higher education institutions have been ranked. The results show that KTH is in the top spot with 95 out of 100 possible points. KTH has steadily been improving the ranking year after year: third place with 86 points in 2021 and sixth place with 43 points in 2020.

The aim of the ranking is to put pressure on Swedish higher education institutions to become fossil-free. The ranking is based on responses from a survey completed by the universities themselves. Points were given within four categories:

  • Emissions from travel by plane
  • Reduction of emissions from travel by plane
  • Goals, action plans and measurements
  • Target achievement (how well institutions meet their targets)

Read more about the ranking and the full report Climate Action Ranking 2022 ( 

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Last changed: Apr 06, 2022