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Now you can find study places on the Student web

Published Nov 03, 2021

Now you can find study places, group rooms and quiet study places on KTH's campus listed here on the Student Web.

See which buildings have study places and how many, find group rooms to work together or find quiet study places if you need extra peace to study.

At KTH Campus, there are study places in 14 different buildings, from Valhallavägen 79 by the metro to the M-building at the far end of Brinellvägen.

KTH Campus study places

At KTH Flemingsberg, you will find over 500 study places and 14 group rooms.

KTH Flemingsberg study places

At KTH Kista, there are over 300 study places, more than 20 group rooms and 16 quiet places.

KTH Kista study places

At KTH Södertälje, there are over 350 study places and 16 group rooms.

KTH Södertälje study places

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Last changed: Nov 03, 2021