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Disable email forwarding to make sure that all emails from KTH arrive

Published Dec 03, 2021

Have you enabled email forwarding from your KTH email to your private email account? KTH recommends that you disable email forwarding to make sure that all emails reach you. If you want to collect your emails in one place, you can add the KTH email account to your email client on your computer and mobile.

computer and phone

"If you read your KTH email via KTH's email system and have not enabled email forwarding, the probability that you will miss emails from KTH is minimal," says Niklas Ekneling, process manager within KTH's IT department.

Some students report that some email from KTH does not arrive in their mailbox.

"This may be because the student has enabled email forwarding to their private email. Unfortunately, KTH can not guarantee or be responsible for that the receiving email system will deliver the messages to the student's private email in all situations. KTH, therefore, recommends that students remove email forwarding to make sure not to miss important information from KTH."

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Last changed: Dec 03, 2021