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Discover all the ways to study abroad as a KTH student

Published Oct 29, 2021

What are the opportunities and benefits of studying abroad for a while? On November 8-11, KTH is arranging KTH Global to inspire more students to study abroad.

With over 220 partner universities worldwide, there is no shortage of alternatives for KTH students eager to study part of their programmes abroad. Every year, KTH Global is organised to inspire and inform students about all international opportunities, with several activities spread over one week.

KTH Global's program

Find when and where all KTH Global's activites take place on

Some activities are digital, but many will be held on-site since the corona restrictions have been eased.

“Finally, we can again have personal meetings and talk about studies abroad with all students. The activities are mainly held between 12.00-14.00 when all students’ schedules should be free for KTH Global.”, says Ronald T Nordqvist, international administrator and project manager for the event.

Studying abroad can mean everything from studying in a multinational city to the European countryside. Going on an exchange has several benefits. Not least, it is a unique opportunity to gain new perspectives and knowledge from a different university environment and culture. KTH’s goal is for a large proportion of all students to study at least one semester at an exchange university.

The international part of this year’s KTH Global begins with an inspiration seminar on Tuesday 9 November at Nymble. During the week, the international coordinators at KTH’s schools will hold information meetings about studies abroad and the opportunities for degree students. KTH Global ends on Thursday with an exchange fair in Nymble.

"You have the opportunity to meet KTH students who have been on an exchange or students who come from the 25 countries and regions represented during the fair. It is a perfect possibility to personally meet those who have experience of going on an exchange", says Ronald T Nordqvist.

"One of my biggest lessons was actually to live in the present"

Clara Myhrman is in her last year of the master’s programme Sustainable Energy Engineering. Photo: Josefin Franzén

Clara Myhrman is one of the students who will work at KTH Global, both as a guest on the talk show and at the fair. Two years ago, she was on an exchange at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

“I went to KTH Global’s fair already in the first year of my Bachelor’s. It was the first time I understood the endless possibilities if you want to study abroad. The fair made me interested in exchange studies, and I made a list of interesting countries.”, she says.

In addition to the courses, what experiences do you take with you from your exchange?

“One of my biggest lessons was actually to live in the present and prioritise what I want to do. A semester may sound like a long time, but it flies by very quickly. Taking advantage of my own time is something I learned to do!”, says Clara Myhrman.

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