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Updated: Service errors in AFS

Published Feb 03, 2023

Remaining AFS problems may cause login problems.

System/Service: AFS

This affects home directories (in AFS), and some other services. Multiple file servers had been offline on night 3rd of February. All servers had been restarted, but several file volumes were still unavailable.

Status: Due to earlier problems, where a few AFS files servers went offline, some volumes may have been corrupted. The volumes have been restored, but for e.g. home directories corrupt data, in particular broken personal settings for the Gnome graphical environment, can cause graphical login to fail.

Affected users will need to use gnome-cleanup, which must run in a non-graphical login session, to restore default settings. See the KTH Ubuntu FAQ . If login problems persist, gnome-cleanup -F will remove all gnome-related settings, even though this affects some applications. (You will for example need to log in again in Gnome. But normal files in the home directory are left as-is).


Belongs to: KTH Intranet
Last changed: Feb 03, 2023